Stryker Hip Recall

Stryker Hip RecallStryker hip recall first came about in 2012 when Stryker Orthopedics the company that is responsible for manufacturing the devices voluntary recalled 2 metal hip replacement components. This was because of some concerns that the device could cause swelling, pain and harm to surrounding body tissues. This has led to the development of Stryker hip recall lawsuits as some attorneys seek to represent patients who could have been affected by this move. This was after it was discovered that the metal on metal hips implants are actually defective as they are prone to failure and can result in metal poisoning one of the reasons that led to Stryker hip recall.

Stryker Lawsuits brought on by the  Stryker Hip Recall

Some of the reasons why people opt to sue over Stryker hip recall are to get compensation for losses for instance physical pain and medical expenses among many others. This is in a bid to hold the manufacturer responsible for the problems that they experienced for using their product before Stryker hip recall. Some of the allegations that face the company include the fact that:

  • The devices were not tested properly by the manufacturer.
  • The device was marketed as a perfect fit by the manufacturer for younger patients thus they did not have to worry about Stryker hip recall because doctors and patients believed that it was a superior product.
  • The manufacturer did not warn patients and doctors properly that using the device could lead to heavy metal toxicity. The system has some manufacturing and design defects that cause permanent and serious damage to people who use it. The patient’s body get heavy metal that are released by the products one of the major reasons for Stryker hip recall which can lead to permanent and severe destruction of tissue and bone.

The manufacturer before the Stryker hip recall should have known that the product was potentially dangerous which could lead to the need for additional surgeries that the patients were not prepared for. The device was aggressively marketed without letting the market know about its risks as they could opt for safer alternatives and avoid  any problem of a Stryker hip recall.

Why did Stryker hip recall happen?

Stryker recalled 2 metal hip components i.e. ABG II modular- neck stems and Rejuvenate. The main reason for Stryker hip recall is that there were concerns that some of the parts could corrode or fret resulting in inflammation, swelling and pain of the surrounding tissues. The Stryker hip recall was also necessary as it could lead to metal poisoning for people who used them which could lead to a number of problems such as;

  • Impaired kidney function.
  • Various thyroid problems like weight gain, fatigue, neck discomfort and feeling cold.
  • Stryker hip recall was also done because it could lead to cognitive impairment, depression and other psychological issues.
  • Rashes on the skin.
  • Vision or hearing impairments.
  • Cardiomyopathy- this is a condition that enlarges and weakens the heat muscles.

Even when you are not experiencing any of this, it is still important to follow up with a professional physician to know if the Stryker hip recall affects you in any way.

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