Did you know bumblebees use the hairs on their bodies to pick up electrical signals from flowers?……

"There are more planets out there than there are stars, which just blows my mind." - Susan Thompson…

School might be out for the summer, but the science fun doesn't need to stop. Try out these backyard experiments!

Are u #promiscuous or curious about how to navigate within #hookup culture? come to my workshop at……

In 1940, John Steinbeck helped catalog wildlife in the Sea of Cortez. Now, a new creature lurks in the waters.……

Older women w/ younger men more satisfied w/ their rltnshps than women w/ no or reverse age gap. By @JustinLehmiller

Sending a secret message? Try writing it on a marshmallow!

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How can marijuana help fight the US drug epidemic?

Check out this beautiful model of a bacterial chromosome!…

Researchers look to the placenta to better understand fetal health.

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The DNA replication process is a lot like heavy traffic moving on a freeway.

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In the future, we may be able to camouflage on command like a cephalopod.

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Greater religiosity in men predicts belief that #porn is “always morally wrong” while watching it anyway. #hypocrisy

Across the US, new babies are sleeping in cardboard boxes.

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2 miles of HIIT got the inner grrr out. And the inner sweat out, too. Now it's #beeroclock

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